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  • Almost Midnight

    Almost Midnight: Two Festive Short Stories by New York Times bestselling author Rainbow Rowell contains two wintery short stories, decorated throughout with gorgeous black and white illustrations by Simini Blocker.

    Rs  1,350.00
  • Animal Friends Barnyard Jamboree

    With Junzo Terada’s adorable Animal Friends, every day is a party! Farm animals gather their bandmates at the barn to jig and jive until they feel alive. After all, celebrations are better when we’re all together! With a new animal friend peeking out from each shaped, layered page, this innovative board book is full of guessing game fun.

    Rs  695.00
  • Are You There Baby Bear?

    Young readers will welcome the return of Alfie, the lovable bear cub, who first made his appearance in When will it be Spring?.

    Rs  895.00
  • Baby Hugs

    Rs  895.00

    Baby Hugs

    Padded heart on the cover introduces adorable animal characters as they share hugs throughout the day!

    Rs  895.00
  • Beauty And The Beast

    So who is this handsome prince in her dreams?

    Rs  960.00
  • Bedtime Stories

    A snuggly collection of 7 short bedtime stories that you can treasure together.

    Rs  995.00
  • Big Angry Roar

    The perfect story for any child experiencing feelings of anger and learning what to do with them.

    Rs  895.00
  • Bison Bouncing On The Bed!

    A bright, bold bedtime romp, packed with surprises. With hilarious illustrations from exciting new artist, Chris Chatterton, and a bonkers rhyming text from Paul Bright, it’s the perfect gift for little bed-bouncers everywhere!

    Rs  895.00
  • Blue Monster Wants It All

    An original, humorous and unforgettable fable from the creators of the award-winning The First Slodge, perfect for introducing little ones to the idea of materialism.

    Rs  995.00
  • Fifteen


    Rs  600.00
  • James and the Giant Peach |

    James and the Giant Peach

    • ISBN: 9780141365459
    • Author: Roald Dahl
    Rs  1,800.00
  • Moral Fun With Each One: Classic Short Stories

    A delightful collection of short stories and poems from the imagination of child author, Sheneshi Silva. From magical fairies who live in wishing wells to wicked mermaid queens who dwell deep in the ocean depths, Sheneshi’s stories will excite and inspire the young readers’ imagination

    Rs  850.00
  • Old Mother Hubbard

    It’s dinner time for Old Mother Hubbard’s dog. But the cupboard is bare!

    A charming new version of the classic nursery rhyme for beginner readers ready to tackle slightly more complicated storylines and sentence structures.

    Rs  289.00
  • Stories for 4 Year Olds

    Stories for 4 Year Old’s leads children into their pre-school years, with easily-identifiable characters and scenarios, told in fun story formats.

    Rs  985.00
  • The Good For Nothing | Bookstudio.Lk

    The Good For Nothing

    The pricing reflects a reduction in consideration of minor blemishes on the product.

    Rs  950.00
  • The Tortoise and the Eagle

    Aesop’s classic fable retold for beginner readers ready to tackle slightly more complicated storylines and sentence structures. Tortoise is jealous of Eagle. He wants to fly too. So he decides to try…

    Rs  289.00
  • The Ugly Duckling

    First Stories: The Ugly Duckling is the perfect introduction for young children to this classic fairy tale.

    Rs  2,350.00
  • The Ultimate Guide : Oceans

    The Ultimate Guide Ocean helps children aged 8+ to discover everything they need to know about the world’s oceans.

    Rs  1,430.00
  • The Very Grumpy Day

    The Very Grumpy Day is a warm, funny picture book about friendship and the value of being kind and thoughtful towards others. There’s a big bad mood spreading through the wood! It starts with Bear, who upsets Mole, who snaps at Hedgehog, who’s prickly with Fox. Soon Bear’s bad mood has made everyone grumpy! All except for Mouse, whose little act of kindness might be just the thing to make everyone happy again.

    Rs  885.00
  • The Very Noisy Night

    Little Mouse feels scared when he lies in bed. What is that huffing and puffing? “Can I come into your bed?” he asks Big Mouse, but Big Mouse does not want to share his bed and is determined that Little Mouse should sleep alone. Thus unravels the miniature world under the floorboards.

    Rs  885.00
  • The Warlock

    The Newman twins have finally been divided. The end is near.

    In San Francisco, Josh has chosen a side – and he will not stand with his sister, Sophie, or the Alchemyst, Nicholas Flamel. He has chosen to fight along side John Dee and the mysterious Virginia Dare. Sophie will do anything she can to find her brother, but her training must continue. With Perenelle and Nicholas as weak as they are, Niten must help her to master Earth Magic. Without this, she will fail and the human race will be doomed forever…

    Can she save the world alone?

    Rs  985.00
  • The Wheels on the Bus

    Get ready to dance and sing with this classic action rhyme book. With bright animal characters to bring the noisy bus journey to life, this is a perfect book for lots of playtime fun.

    Rs  710.00
  • There’s A Lot Little Kids Can Do

    Join little Mala as she goes on a magical journey through the skies, to the heart of the jungle and deep] down into the ocean! With the help of her animal friends, she learns just how much little boys and girls can do in healing and helping our beautiful island home,

    Rs  750.00
  • We Are Together

    On our own, we’re special, and we can chase our dream.
    But when we join up, hand in hand,
    together, we’re a team.

    Rs  985.00
  • What’s More Scary Than a Shark?

    What’s more scary than a shark? Two Sharks. Shark is seriously scary. Lobster is the only creature in the sea who isn’t afraid of him. Then along comes Sadie. As big as Shark and as scary as shark, she’s gorgeous. She makes Shark go seriously silly and soppy, and he’ll do anything to win her sharky heart. But will he change his scary ways?

    Rs  885.00