Charles Dickens – A Tale of Two Cities: Great Stories in Easy English

By (author)Charles Dickens

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A Tale of Two Cities is an 1859 historical novel by Charles Dickens, set in London and Paris before and during the French Revolution. The novel tells the story of the French Doctor Manette, his 18-year-long imprisonment in the Bastille in Paris, and his release to live in London with his daughter Lucie whom he had never met.

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The book has been designed to equip the students with the much-needed insight into the various aspects of the novel.

Salient Features

· Precise and in-depth study of the novel.

· Extensive critical summary.

· Innovative check maps to give an overview of characters, themes and images.

· Exhaustive question bank at the end of each volume.

· Comprehensive general questions.

· Unique approach to enhance self-sufficiency.

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