Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success (ISBN:9780712670739)

By (author)Dr Deepak Chopra

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Explaining that success depends on who you are rather than what you do, this world-renowned physician and author shows that spirituality lies at the source of all achievement in life. Suggesting ways that parents can help their children absorb this timeless wisdom from an early age, Deepak Chopra offers a daily programme of practical, thought-provoking ideas for the whole family to follow. In this way, parents can teach their children how to..

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Deepak Chopra`s thoughts on spirituality and child rearing are original, profound and fascinating’ BENJAMIN SPOCK, MD

Deepak Chopra`s Seven Spiritual Laws of Success have touched a chord around the globe because of their simplicity and trust. This parenting book takes those laws one by one and explores the many ways parents can bring them into the lives of their children.

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