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Even is a pulse-racing spy thriller by Andrew Grant, now the co-author of the Jack Reacher novels as Andrew Child.

He’s walked the wire many times before. His motivation is survival. And his lifelong belief is justice.

David Trevellyan is a survivor from the shadowy world of Royal Navy Intelligence. One night he’s taking a lonely, late night walk back to his New York hotel when he comes across the dead body of a homeless man. As David steps forward, a police car arrives. A second too late he realizes he’s been set up and when the police hand the case to the FBI, he’s sucked deep into the system.

With no idea of who is friend and who is foe, he penetrates a huge international conspiracy which spans from war-torn Iraq to the very heart of power in the US.

He knows that the price of failure will mean death, so to succeed he must overcome the forces that threaten the very core of national security and gain redemption not just for himself, but for the huddled corpse from the alley.

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