Kristin Vikjord – Inner Spark : Finding Calm in a Stressful World

Kristin Vikjord - Inner Spark : Finding Calm in a Stressful World
By (author)Kristin Vikjord

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Inner Spark is a book that will help you move through difficult times, and remind you of your own greatness

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Change is inevitable, but how can we learn to navigate struggle and appreciate how emotions ebb and flow?

Kristin Vikjord presents a practical toolkit of exercises to help find, regain and nurture your inner spark. Drawing on her experiences as a Clinical Psychologist and yoga and mindfulness facilitator, Kristin combines these complimentary, integrative therapies for a book that has the scientific mind of a psychologist and the heart and soul of yoga teacher.

In Inner Spark, Kristin offers eight ‘prescriptions for wellbeing’ including practical activities that match up to the three sections of the book: normalization; clarification and agency. She explains how pathways in the brain work, showing how, and crucially why, it’s important for anyone navigating a difficult time, physically or mentally, to have a toolkit for re-connection.

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