Lizzie McGuire – The Orchids and Gumbo

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Assigned to Lizzie McGuire as required reading during one of her school classes, The Orchids and Gumbo Poker Club finally puts into print this “lost classic,” for which Lizzie fans have been fruitlessly searching since they saw Lizzie reading it during the “Mom’s Best Friend” episode on Disney Channel’s hit Lizzie McGuire television series.

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A “post-it” on the front cover of the book lets readers know this is Lizzie’s personal copy. And humorous comments and doodles in the margins of the interior are all Lizzie’s, too. Featuring a “scholarly” introduction, the book centers on Darcy Lou, a young woman living on the Louisiana bayou of the late 1940s, whose orchid-growing mother, Tallulah, and her mother’s crew of eccentric Cajun poker-playing friends, work together like fairy godmothers to help Darcy Lou attend the lavish New Orleans ball of her dreams. A “lost classic,” The Orchids and Gumbo Poker Club may not have been an Oprah Book Club selection, but it’s sure to delight any Lizzie McGuire fan!

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