Natalie Turner – Yes, You Can Innovate

Natalie Turner - Yes, You Can Innovate
By (author)Natalie Turner

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Covering the six stages of innovation, find out which of the 6’I’s® is your personal strength: · IDENTIFY opportunities by understanding trends, patterns and future areas of growth · IGNITE ideas by creating novel solutions · INVESTIGATE by prototyping, testing and researching ideas · INVEST by having the courage, to create business models and persuade others to back ideas · IMPLEMENT by making an idea happen and creating value from it · IMPROVE by optimising your ideas and learning from success and failure

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Discover the skills required to successfully innovate, how to understand the problem you want to solve, and how to cultivate and implement innovative ideas. Whether you work for an organisation or are an entrepreneur, each chapter will equip you with a practical toolkit containing examples, activities and resources to help you build and improve your innovation skills.

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