Pesrson International Primary Science Work Book Year 1

By (author)Lesley Butcher

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Author(s) : Lesley Butcher
Format : Paperback
ISBN 13 : 9781292433288
Pages :152
ISBN 10 :1292433280
Publisher : Pearson Education
Publication Date : 27-03-2023
Categories : International Qualifications, International Primary, Science

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Specifically designed for international learners aged 5 to 11 years, and with an investigative approach at its heart, our brand-new interactive Pearson International Primary Science course:Supports you and your learners through their learning journey with a modern and exciting new science programme fully matched to our iPrimary Curriculum – and closely aligned to the skills of the English National Curriculum.Provides you with everything you need to teach science with confidence with detailed lesson plans and structured, guided assessment helping you to support learning and ensure progression – whether you are a specialist teacher or not.Ensures smooth progression to Lower Secondary and International GCSE Science, with a detailed learning progression covering Years 1- 6 that continuously builds upon previous learning – plus, it fully prepares learners for their Year 6 examinations too.Powered by our ActiveLearn Primary digital platform, it gives you access to all the support you need for planning, teaching, tracking and assessing your studentsโ€™ progress – including interactive activities, assessment, data insight and more.


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