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Tom von Logue Newth – The Ad-Makers

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How the Best TV Commercials are Produced (Creative Professional)

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The “Ad Makers” looks at the form where commerce and creativity collide most dramatically: the TV commercial. Focusing on the shooting and production elements of making a TV ad, this book aims at an audience of aspiring filmmakers for whom shooting second spots is the gateway to a career in film. Featuring a host of newly commissioned interviews from top professionals in the field, “The Ad Makers” provides the kind of behind – the scenes expertise that it usually takes a lifetime of professional practice to acquire. Gathered from the disciplines of cinematography, directing, producing and editing, the filmmakers tell the stories behind the making of some of the worlds top commercials. Sure to find a ready market with aspiring filmmakers or advertisers, this book gives the reader the knowledge and confidence to get started.

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