You Can If You Think You Can (ISBN:9789381529621)

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In over 60 years of writing, broadcasting and speaking to live audiences all over the world, Dr. Peale has won millions of enthusiastic followers and friends from corporate executives to artists, entertainers and ordinary working people. His watershed classic The Power of Positive Thinking has sold more than 15 million copies and Dr. Peale has written over thirty additional works of uplifting inspiration. Dr. Peale is married to Ruth Stafford Peale and together they continue to spread the message of positive thinking worldwide.

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Norman Vincent Peale, the author of the international bestseller The Power of Positive Thinking–which has had an unprecedented influence on millions of people throughout the world–shares his inspirational, self-help classic that shows you how to develop the vital knowledge of inner power to carry you over every obstacle.

When you have a problem–no matter how baffling, difficult, or discouraging it may be, there is one basic principle to remember and apply, according to Dr. Peale: persistence through perception.

These dramatic, heartwarming stories in You Can If You Think You Can show how men and women–of all ages and all walks of life–transformed their lives and careers by following Dr. Peale’s philosophy of positive thinking.

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