Make Believe Ideas (Publisher) Books in Order

  • Do Lions Go Moo?

    Rs  1,250.00

    Do Lions Go Moo?

    A perfectly silly board book tailored to a child s playful sense of humour. Little ones will love shouting out answers to the obvious questions, and then pulling the sliders to reveal the correct answers! AN AMUSING BOARD BOOK WITH PLAYFUL SLIDERS

    Rs  1,250.00
  • Five Little Ducks (Pop Out & Play)

    Rhyming board book with pop-out ducks.

    Rs  795.00
  • Five Little Hearts (Pop Out & Play)

    Introducing a simple story in an exciting, novelty format!

    Rs  795.00
  • Five Little Speckled Frogs

    Introducing Five Little Speckled Frogs, an adorable counting-down book based on the beloved rhyme. Young children will love reading the sweet rhyme and counting down as the little speckled frogs disappear at the turn of each page. This tactile book offers plenty for young children to look at and explore, helping in their early learning!

    Rs  1,250.00
  • God Bless the Moon

    Rs  1,250.00
  • Lola the Lollipop Fairy

    Brilliant new fairy story book that will delight children and adults!
    Lola the Lollipop Fairy and her friends perform every day in a wonderful circus! But disaster looms for Lola’s circus when a rival entertainment park comes to town and threatens the fairies’ future.

    Rs  885.00
  • Peekaboo! Mommy and Me

    A heart-warming addition to our playful Peekaboo range, perfect for reading together this Mother’s Day. Read the rhyme, and then use the fold-out mirror to copy the actions of the loving animal families inside!

    Rs  850.00
  • Story Book No Probllama

    Can you paint?’ said Lemur. ‘No probllama!’ ‘Can you sing whilst standing on your head?’ said Lemur. ‘No prob-la-la-llama!’ Llama thinks he can do anything, and it drives Lemur mad. So he challenges Llama to scuba dive, paint and do karatebut is frustrated to find Llama can do it all, saying ‘No probllama’ each time! Soon, Lemur gets so annoyed that he tricks Llama onto a desert island. Can Lemur escape without Llama? No problemur!

    Rs  885.00
  • Story Book Taylor Tiptoe

    Taylor Tiptoe might only come up to ankle height, but she’s got a BIG dream: to dance the princess role in this year’s Summer Showcase! So, Taylor visits Queen Delphine, and makes a wish to be tall. She loves her new height, until, when practicing for the auditions, she suddenly has two left feet! What will Taylor do to land the princess role?

    Rs  885.00