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Eva Ibbotson was a British-American writer and children’s author. She was born in Vienna in 1913, but raised in a Jewish family in London. During World War II, she was sent to a concentration camp in Carinthia, Austria, but was rescued by American soldiers. Ibbotson later emigrated to the United States, where she continued to write novels and children’s books. She is known for her acclaimed novel “Jessica’s Tree House,” which was adapted into a successful television series. Ibbotson passed away in 1999, but her work continues to be popular and well-loved.

  • Eva Ibbotson – A Company of Swans

    A Company of Swans is a sweeping tale of romance, freedom and the beauty of dance from award-winning author, Eva Ibbotson, with a new introduction by Joanna Nadin.

    Rs  2,590.00
  • Eva Ibbotson - Beyond platform 13