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  • BusinessWeek Fast Track : Best Undergraduate B-Schools

    The pricing reflects a reduction in consideration of minor blemishes on the product.


    This book is packed with exclusive rankings of America’s top undergrad business programs. It tells you what’s up, who’s down, and which schools are best for you.


    This book tells you how much it costs-and if it’s all worth it.

    Based on BusinessWeek’s famous rating system, this at-a-glance guide will save you hours of research on undergraduate business schools. It answers all your questions, including

    What’s It Worth?

    Job stats and salaries of recent grads

    What’s the Cost?

    Not just tuition: books, food, everything

    Is It the Right Fit?

    The best schools for overachievers, slackers, and strong test-takers

    Do I Have What It Takes?

    The SAT and ACT scores schools are looking for

    With Web links, phone numbers, application requirements, and visitor info, this guide is all you need to get into your school of choice-and get on the fast track for life.

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