Jane Chapman

Jane Chapman is an author born in Canada who writes about Gothic and historical fiction. Some of her popular books include “The Midnight Library” and “The Neverending Story of Kamila Dunst”. Chapman has received critical acclaim for her unique storytelling and atmospheric writing styles that transport readers to dark and timeless settings. Her works often explore themes of fate, choice, and the power of imagination.

Jane Chapman Books in Order

  • Big Bear Little Bear

    Little Bear longs to be as big and as fast as his mother. In the cold Arctic snow, Mother Bear shows the little bear cub what it’s like to be grown up. But after riding on Mother Bear’s shoulders and snuggling up for the night, Little Bear realises that he’s not quite ready to grow up yet.

    Rs  995.00
  • Just Like You!

    A heartwarming celebration of parental love – perfect for little ones who long to grow up!

    Rs  895.00
  • Love Enough for Two

    Little owl Mo is in for a surprise when his baby cousin Bibi comes to stay. She seems cute enough. But will there be enough of Grandma’s love to go around?

    Rs  885.00
  • The Slurpy, Burpy Bear

    Big Bear eats SO noisily! Slurp! Burp! Crunch! Munch! Yum! the rabbits who live nearby are frightened. What are those terrible sounds? It must be a SCARY beast! But Big Bear isn’t a beast – he’s a kind, gentle bear, and all he really wants is a friend…

    Rs  885.00
  • With Your Paw In Mine

    Otter pup Miki finds a special friend, Amak, to share her adventures with. When danger comes, the otters hold tight to each other’s paws. But will it be enough to keep them safe?

    Rs  885.00