Jodi Picoult

Jodi Picoult is a bestselling American author, known for her thought-provoking and emotionally charged novels. Born in 1966 in Boston, Massachusetts, Picoult studied writing at Tufts University and went on to publish her first novel, “Songs of the Lilacs,” in 1990. Her subsequent works, including “Harriet Voyager,” “My Sister’s Keeper,” and “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” have been New York Times bestsellers and have been adapted into successful films. Picoult’s novels often explore controversial and moral dilemmas, and her writing has been praised for its depth and emotional resonance.

Jodi Picoult Books in Order

  • Between the Lines

    An enchanting YA novel from Number One bestselling author Jodi Picoult, co-written with her teenage daughter.

    Rs  950.00
  • Handle with Care

    Five years ago, Charlotte O’Keefe had everything she could want: a loving husband, a wonderful daughter and another child on the way.

    Rs  1,350.00
  • House Rules

    Emma Hunt has spent fifteen years raising her two sons Theo and Jacob on her own, and has created what she sees to be a happy and stable life for them, despite the challenges of Jacob’s Asperger’s syndrome.

    Rs  1,600.00
  • Perfect Match

    As a career-driven Assistant District Attorney, Nina Frost’s life is dedicated to balancing being a mother to five-year old son Nathaniel and seeking justice to keep those who commit the most unthinkable of all crimes behind bars.

    Rs  995.00
  • The Book of Two Ways

    Dawn thinks she knows everything there is to know about dying. As a death doula she helps her clients fix what is left undone so they can peacefully make the final transition.

    Rs  2,500.00
  • The Storyteller

    After a tragic accident which left her deeply scarred, Sage Singer retreated into herself, allowing her guilt to govern her life. When she befriends kindly retired teacher Josef, it seems that life has finally offered her a chance of healing.

    Rs  1,600.00