Steve Smallman

Steve Smallman is a prolific British author, best known for his science fiction and fantasy novels. He has written over 50 books, including the popular “Last Train Track” series and “The War of Timekeepers.” Smallman is also known for his contributions to video game adaptations, having written for series such as “Diablo” and “Dungeons & Dragons.”

Steve Smallman Books in Order

  • A Hug For Humphrey

    There’s a new toy in the bedroom. He’s called Humphrey, and he’s small, soft and stripy, with a big squidgy tummy. But what sort of toy is he, and what can he do?

    Rs  895.00
  • Big, Bad Owl

    Rs  832.00Rs  895.00

    Big, Bad Owl

    Big, Bad Owl is a fabulously funny, tongue-in-cheek picture book from best-selling author and master of comedy, Steve Smallman (Dragon Stew and Monkey with a Bright Blue Bottom). Children will love the quirky illustrations in this story about learning to deal with moods and emotions.

    Feeling cranky? Out of sorts? Perhaps a teeny bit tetchy? Then flap off over to Scowl’s grumpy branch for a good old grouch and grumble… Everybody wants to cheer Scowl up, but there’s one thing that makes him the happiest owl in the world – and that’s being in a good old grump!

    Rs  832.00Rs  895.00
  • Cock-A-Doodle-Pool

    Oh dear! Someone’s done a doo-doo on Farmer Jill’s new hairdo! Who on earth could it have been? Cock-a-doodle-POO!

    Rs  895.00
  • Itchy Scritchy Scratchy Pan

    Five nippy Vikings set out hiking, off on an adventure to find some yeti fluff. As in the chilly weather, no underpants are better, than a pair of knickers knitted from the stuff!

    Rs  895.00
  • Poo in the Zoo

    Zoo Keeper Bob is exhausted. There’s too much poo in the zoo – and he’s the one who has to scoop it up. Then one day, a mysterious glowing poo appears! Could it be alien poop from outer space? And what on EARTH will Bob do with it?

    Rs  885.00
  • Scaredy Bear

    There’s a monster in the forest and Little Bob is out to find him . . . but instead, he finds a very scaredy bear! Will the bear be happy to join in the hunt? A heartwarming tale about friendship and overcoming your fears.

    Rs  885.00
  • The Wolves Who Came for Dinner

    One little lamb.
    Four hungry wolves.
    And a forest full of animals out to save the day.
    But sometimes things are not always what they seem…

    A brilliant book about breaking down boundaries and challenging stereotypes. The much-anticipated sequel to The Wolves Who Came for Dinner.

    Rs  885.00
  • There’s No Such Thing As Monsters

    Little Bear is so excited! He’s going to sleep in his very own bedroom for the first time ever. But without his big brother there, Little Bear’s new bedroom seems a bit scary.

    Rs  822.00Rs  885.00