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  • Food Court

    The food court, as a special meal-serving place, has a character that most restaurants do not. This book combines theoretical text and case analysis, aims to interpret essential elements of food court design in a clear and systematic way, presents a visual feast.

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  • Hospitals

    Rs  2,285.00


    Hospitals are the most complex but also the most interesting architectural projects, requiring a unity of technology and construction.

    This book includes selected hospital buildings from the last five years that illustrate the functional importance of such purpose-built edifices but also give consideration to the aesthetic criteria of the architecture.

    Rs  2,285.00
  • Wolfgang Kunth – Terra Maxima

    From the most widely used languages and scripts, to the great religious communities, to the giant structures and the technological successes of the modern age – this volume offers a fascinating overview of the records and achievements of civilization in their entirety and diversity.

    Rs  1,350.00