Childbirth Doesnt Have To Hurt

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Childbirth Doesn’t Have to Hurt covers all the possible pain relief options, their pros and cons, as well as providing first-hand accounts of women’s experiences of the different methods, from epidurals, pethidine, Entonos and TENS, to acupuncture, aromatherapy, massage, hypnotherapy, water, homeopathy and visualization. Finally, a wide-ranging directory of relevant organisations and services that will ensure that you are not only fully informed of the choices available, but able to gain access to the treatment you feel would suit you best

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The truth is that for at least part of the time, childbirth can be painful. It is equally true that there is an enormous amount that you, your partner, your midwife and doctor can do to help you cope confidently, reduce any pain – even obliterating it altogether.

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