By (author)Carmel Miranda

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“Carmel Miranda’s first novel creates a unique narrative that combines a sensitive and nuanced understanding of the Lankan medical world with a powerful and moving, yet unsentimental, psychological account of love, loss and reconciliation.”

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Crossmatch is a novel set in Colombo’s medical world.
When a poor boy succumbs to his injuries in the ICU of a busy hospital, no one considers it anything but the result of a tragic accident. No one, that is, but Lotus, an introverted daydreamer who is drifting into a career in medicine more by parental choice than her own. As a chance witness to his final moments, she is determined to find what happened to him and embarks on a trail that leads her through the hospitals, slums and mansions of Colombo, juggling all this with her gritty life as a medical student. In the process, she is confronted with some surprising truths about herself and uncovers dark secrets behind the apparently respectable façade of the medical establishment.c

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