Instant Millionaire

By (author)Mark Fisher

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Mark Fisher author of the popular bestseller The Instant Millionaire which has been translated into twenty-five languages and sold over two million copies worldwide is by far the most read most known Quebec author. A real estate investor and speaker his successes include the Millionaires Secrets The Golfer and the Millionaire and The Millionaires Gift.

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Foreword by Marc Allen Author of The Millionaire Course A Tale of Wisdom and Wealth Why do some people succeed in becoming millionaires while others only dream about it What do they know that others don?t? The answer to these questions is enclosed in this insightful book The instant millionaire A Tale of wisdom and wealth. Written by millionaire Mark Fisher this is the true story of his meeting with a remarkable old millionaire who passed on the secrets of his success. This brilliantly conceived fable reveals an important truth financial prosperity and a life well-lived are achievable goals for anyone who understands and practices the principles of success. The Instant Millionaire is a must-read for anyone looking to improve their financial situation. Although a work of fiction there is truth in the book?s message and valuable advice. Most importantly it serves as a building block for prosperity emotional maturity and philanthropy.

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