Robin Cook - Crisis
By (author)Robin Cook

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Twenty-five novels after his first bestseller, comes the latest from the acknowledged master of the medical thriller Through a crisis of medical malpractice emerges evidence of how the medical profession itself is being harmfully transformed by the intrusion of powerful business interests. Not least is the growing prevalence of ‘Concierge Medicine’ where public-service doctors will take on private patients for a fee. In this thrilling story, which again features Dr Laurie Montgomery and Dr Jack Stapleton (whose long-term professional relationship here takes on a new twist), Robin Cook continues to enthral us with his deep personal insight into contemporary medicine but also provides readers with the biggest surprise ending found in any of his many bestselling novels.

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About book – Crisis by Robin Cook

When Dr. When Craig Bowman learned that he was going to be sued for malpractice, he was shocked, furious and humiliated. A devoted doctor, who had endured hard years of training and worked continuously in the service of others, had now become a partner in a select private practice, where he could finally offer personalized attention and time available to his patients.

But this idyllic life was now suddenly interrupted, and everything could become even worse, much worse.
It is then that his wife enlists the help of her brother, Dr. Jack Stapleton, medical examiner in New York.

Jack agrees to help his brother-in-law, but when he suggests exhuming the patient’s body, he’s opening Pandora’s box…
With Craig Bowman’s life and career hanging in the balance, Jack is about to make a discovery of tremendous legal and medical significance – and anyone will stop at nothing to keep him from learning the truth.

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