The Body In The Paddy Field

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Follow the lives of two spirited sleuths who prove that women can achieve the seemingly impossible
Kiyama Fernando, an English teacher from Colombo, is running away from a failed marriage. She decides to spend some time with her good friend Vinodhini Dias in a small town far away from her troubles. But, little does she know that trouble is about to come knocking soon enough…

When the body of a local teacher is found abandoned in a paddy field and her friend becomes the prime suspect in his murder Kiyama concludes that the only way to help her friend, is to solve the murder before the police.

As their investigation leads them from a paddy field, to a rubber plantation, a gambling den and a school the two friends realise it is a race against the clock.

Will they uncover the killer before Vinodhini is taken away in handcuffs? Can they decipher friend from foe? Will the secrets they unearth lead them to an early grave?

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