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  • Baby Favour

    Baby Favour

    Neonatal nurse Cassie Jordan always wanted a baby of her own, but after two heartbreaking miscarriages she’s convinced she’ll never have a family. Until a tiny newborn baby is abandoned at the hospital…in need of a new mum!

    Rs  525.00
  • Between Marriage And Merger

    From boardroom to bedroom… and back? Billionaire businessman Noah Lockes fake engagement will solve his professional problems

    Rs  450.00
  • Friendship On Fire

    Friendship On Fire

    Fool her once, as her best friend.Fool her twice…as her fake fiancé?

    Rs  525.00
  • His Heir Her Secret

    His Heir Her Secret

    Lose yourself in the rosy world of first encounters, romantic getaways and eternal love stories

    Rs  525.00
  • On Temporary Terms
  • Pregnancy Proposition

    Pregnancy Proposition

    Pregnant and heartbroken…will one white-hot week become more? After her breakup, the last thing Paige Edwards wants is a romantic getaway.

    Rs  450.00
  • Rags To Riches Baby

    Rags To Riches Baby

    The woman he doesnt trust is having his baby…

    Rs  450.00
  • Spaniards Pregnant Bride

    Spaniards Pregnant Bride

    But a passionate encounter with a masked stranger has consequences that tear apart her dutiful life.

    Rs  450.00