Pregnancy Week By Week

By (author)Jane MacDougall

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-Shows at a glance baby’s weekly development as well as what mom may experience each week.
-Essential information on prenatal care including all tests and procedures.
-Weekly diary feature helps readers keep track of vital appointments and tests.
-Handy size means book can stand up on a bedside table or desk top.

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The ideal companion through the 40+ weeks of pregnancy, “Pregnancy Week by Week,” which has sold over 175,000 copies in the US, is updated and being published in an exciting and handy new format for the first time.
Designed to be easily accessible standing up on a desk or popped in a handbag and taken along to the doctor’s office or work, the book enables pregnant women to keep track of appointments, test dates, fitness and birth classes, while reviewing their baby’s progress and what they can expect to happen each week.

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