• The Young Team

    The Times top ten bestseller
    Scots Book o the Year 2021
    Winner of the Somerset Maugham Award & Betty Trask Award 2021

    ‘Trainspotting for a new generation’ – Independent
    ‘An instant Scottish classic’ – The Skinny

    2005. Glasgow is named Europe’s Murder Capital, driven by a violent territorial gang and knife culture. In the housing schemes of adjacent Lanarkshire, Scotland’s former industrial heartland, wee boys become postcode warriors.

    2004. Azzy Williams joins the Young Team [YTP]. A brutal gang conflict with their deadly rivals, the Young Toi [YTB] begins.

    2012. Azzy dreams of another life. He faces his toughest fight of all – the fight for a different future.

    Expect Buckfast. Expect bravado. Expect street philosophy. Expect rave culture. Expect anxiety. Expect addiction. Expect a serious facial injury every six hours. Expect murder.

    Hope for a way out.

    Rs  1,350.00